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With over 7 years of experience,we believe in our process.  

Our Approach to Problem-Solving

With over 10 years of working experience in this industry, we have a firm believe in the process. We provide different solutions for the pests which includes ants, fleas, ticks, bees, rodents, cockroaches, stink bugs, mice, rats, centipedes, millipedes and many more.

Pests in the home can cause big trouble sometime causing a threat to your life’s biggest investment and of course to your health as well. To take care of all these bugs and pests, Straight Up Pest Control provides the best solution to our customers with the help of a trained staff and latest technology. Our approach to the problem-solving combined of certain steps.


By any chance if you’ve seen the pest or need us to help ensure your home against uninvited visitors, our team will come and review your home. On our first visit, team will play out a definite review of the infested territory, toward the finish of your assessment, we will finish an investigation report that portrays your issues and prescribes an arrangement adjusted to your home, warehouse, restaurant or a factory.



Our team will deal with any pest issues and will install different apparatuses which can record the pest activity in the area. They make use of the best devices and scientific facts to get to the base of the reason so they can efficiently perform the treatment. When they’ve finished entire test, our official will round out a Pest Control Service Ticket that tells what they did and when they’ll should have returned to keep you secured from these pests.



A Year-Round Solution

Pests don’t come just once a year, so why should we? Our PTO (Pest Technician Officer) will visit on a regular schedule year-round to monitor your premises and pest activity. He will check for new pests while monitoring the status of previous treatments. And if he sees something new or suspicious, he will investigate. Our PTO will continue to document your progress and problems to ensure the best maintenance approach for your home. Winter, spring, summer or fall, PTO will help make sure he heads off seasonal pests and ensure the long-term success of your service. We’re not happy unless you’re 100% satisfied.





Best Quality Treatment

We use the best-qualified and eco-friendly pesticides with the help of modern technology to exterminate the pests from the infested area. Our service is budget friendly too, you can call us or visit us whenever you see any evidence of a pest in your house, warehouse, factory or a restaurant. We just a phone call away.


Our Services

“Very good job. Thorough and knowledgeable and will utilize their services again.” – Shirley. A

Our Services
Our Services
Our Services
Our Services